6. Air quality and citizen science

Parallel session | Chairperson: Martin Brocklehurst | Monday, 07 September 2020 | 14:30-15:30

14:30-15:30  |  6.1 Air quality and citizen science // 6.2 Who are the citizen scientists: identifying demographic patterns of participants in air pollution measurement project AIRbezen Eastern Flanders

Author/s: Hester Volten, Núria Castell, Linda Carton, Lukas Mocek, Marta Oliveira, Györgyi Bela, Micheal Jørgensen, Kate Stone, Sven Schade and Pawel Wyszomirski // Liesbeth Cuypers, Karen Wuyts, Kyra Koch, Ilse Loots and Roeland Samson

Presenters: Hester Volten, Núria Castell, Kate Stone, Marta Câmara Oliveira, Roeland Samson, Liesbeth Cuypers

Air Quality and Citizen Science


The air quality working group consists of people active in a great diversity of citizen science projects to measure air quality. We learn from each other and work together to scale up measuring methods. We organize the European Clean Air Day on 15 October 2020. Citizen scientists can find and join activities to monitor air quality all over Europe.

Our next meeting will be about Accessing Air Quality Information Lisbon and San Francisco: Two Perspectives on Governmental and Citizen Science Data, by Marta Oliveira and Kate Stone.

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Presentation by Hester and Marta can be found here https://www.samenmetenaanluchtkwaliteit.nl/en/documenten/citizen-science-and-air-quality-ecsa-working-group-on-air-quality