5. Networks and communities of practice

Parallel session | Chairperson: Regina Lenart-Gansiniec | Monday, 07 September 2020 | 14:30-15:30

14:30-15:00  |  5.1 Practice what we preach: co-creating value with participants in communities of practice on citizen science

Author/s: Uta Wehn, Dilek Fraisl, Joan Maso and Teresa Cerrato Pargman

Presenters: Uta Wehn, Dilek Fraisl, Joan Maso

15:00-15:15  |  5.2 Onto new horizons: learnings from the WeObserve project to strengthen awareness, acceptability and sustainability of citizen observatories in Europe

Author/s: Gerid Hager, Margaret Gold, Izabela Freytag, Dahlia Domian, Joan Masó, Inian Moorthy, Linda See, Valantis Tsiakos, Uta Wehn, Mel Woods and Steffen Fritz

Presenters: Gerid Hager, Margaret Gold, Uta Wehn

WeObserve delivers the first European-wide Citizen Observatory (CO) knowledge platform to share and highlight best practices and to identify and address challenges to inform practitioners, policy makers and funders of (future) COs. This presentation will discuss key insights and recommendations acquired from the WeObserve project, to inform the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme (under Pillar II: Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness and activities for “Widening participation and strengthening the European Research Area”), as well as other funding programmes and CO practitioners more generally.

Presentation slides available at: https://zenodo.org/record/4017257#.X1iYNmczZTZ


15:15-15:30  |  5.3 A collaborative endeavour to develop criteria for citizen science platforms

Author/s: Daniel Dörler, Florian Heigl, Jef Van Laer, Gitte Kragh, Cristina Luis, Patrícia Tiago, Liesbeth Gijsel and Barbara Kieslinger

Presenters: Daniel Dörler, Florian Heigl, Patrícia Tiago

Citizen science (cs) platforms are displaying cs projects, connecting cs actors and promoting cs. A challenge for platform coordinators is to decide which projects to include on their websites. This requires a transparent, easy to implement evaluation process ensuring the credibility of the platforms and the trust in cs, without being restrictive towards new and alternative cs. The ECSA working group “Citizen Science Networks” is developing inclusion criteria for projects in an open process. We invite interested people to be part of this process by providing feedback on a first draft of criteria, raise concerns but also to ask questions.

Link to the slides: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z6jWZbc9OlOdF9dan_tEEQBAQ16sCAZD/view?usp=sharing