30. Citizen science toolkits

Parallel session | Chairperson: Christopher Tripp | Thursday, 10 September 2020 | 16:30-17:30

16:30-17:00  |  30.1 Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn: the role of toolkits in citizen science

Author/s: Mara Balestrini, Giovanni Maccani and Valeria Righi

Presenters: Giovanni Maccani, Valeria Righi
Context & Issue: Intro about CS and issue around situated impact Objective: The need to re-think scaling and spreading in CS (I.e. simple plug and play likely not to work) How could we address it: Limitations of methodologies à so we focus on toolkit Toolkit suitable for Citizen Scientists as motivated craftsmen Different levels of engagement Some critiques around the current landscape swamped with “want-to-cover-it-all” toolkits   Overview of the CitiesHealth toolkit

17:00-17:30  |  30.2 Co-designing environmental solutions for a changing climate in the context of citizens’ observatories

Author/s: Mel Woods, Raquel Ajates, Saskia Coulson, Drew Hemment and Pavlos Georgiadis

Presenter: Mel Woods

The increasing number of extreme weather events and the rapid changing environment in an unstable climate present critical challenges for communities across the world. Citizens’ Observatories (COs) present an unprecedented opportunity to design new socio-technical innovations in which citizens can not only uptake, but also co-design and shape their development. We present a novel gamified card tool tested with multi-stakeholder audiences including service designers, policy-makers, citizens, scientists. Theoretical and methodological insights from the development, testing and outcomes are presented across three dimensions: a) Quality of innovative propositions b) Value of transdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder approaches c) Potential for citizen observatories’ sustainability.