28. Citizen science and higher education

Workshop session | Chairperson: Tiberius Ignat | Thursday, 10 September 2020 | 14:30-16:00

14:30-16:00  |  28.1 How new networks can broaden participation within citizen science

Author/s: Thomas Kaarsted, Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen, Torben Esbo Agergaard, Tiberius Ignat, Anne Kathrine Overgaard and Danielle Louise Nørager Johansen

Presenter: Thomas Kaarsted

After the speed talks the session moved on Zoom (no recordings).

14:30-16:00  |  28.2 Encounters for the co-creation of citizen science teaching

Author/s: Bruna De Marchi, Christian Nold, Frank O. Ostermann, Jako Jellema and Henk A.J. Mulder

Presenter: Henk A.J. Mulder

The presentation gives a brief overview of current teaching on citizen science in higher education. In the following beak-out session, we want to discuss what other best practices in curriculum development around citizen science there are, and how can we can assess and grade students. We hope to generate ideas on how we as university teachers can collaborate in the future to advance our teaching, e.g. by collectively developing and sharing modules.

SLIDES: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vz3H9519uobr72a4vrk-CxnXykyn1fcE/view


14:30-16:00  |  28.3 A university talent programme in citizen science builds a community of practice

Author/s: Jacob Buur, Christina Fyhn Nielsen, Thomas Kaarsted and Danielle Louise Nørager Johansen

Presenter: Jacob Buur

While citizen science actions have proven vastly beneficial for a range of sciences, it is not particularly developed how to best train university students in organizing such actions. We have chosen to develop a talent programme as a way to build and spread the citizen science competence across all faculties. Community development for the citizen scientists is core to success of citizen science actions – but with the talent programme we investigate how building a community of practice on the scientists’ side can help establish a university-wide competence in citizen science.  

14:30-16:00  |  28.4 Citizen science with and for public libraries: from librarians capacitation to research co-creation, an analysis of two Barcelona region-based projects

Author/s: Isabelle Bonhoure, Anna Cigarini, Julian Vicens and Josep Perelló

Presenter: Isabelle Bonhoure

The presentation focuses on exemplifying the synergies that can arise when Citizen Science is introduced in Public Libraries, here through the “Citizen Science in Action” program, implemented in 26 Public Libraries of the Barcelona region. We will detail the main characteristics and results of the program, which included Librarians capacity building and the co-creation by Library users of a new Citizen Social Science project, addressing the access to housing, as a shared social concern. The lessons learned will also be discussed, with the aim of extrapolating and/or upscaling this methodology to other Libraries networks.

SLIDES: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TJ7Z8qMGTh_EQg8OTsGBc_aZ084_u7rC/view?usp=sharing