P19: Policy I

E-poster session | Chairperson: Christopher Tripp | Wednesday, 09 September 2020 | 18:30-18:45

18:30-18:35  |  P19.1 Guidelines on citizen science for environmental monitoring and policy-making

Author/s: Kim De Rijck, Sven Schade and Jose Miguel Rubio Iglesias

Presenters: José Miguel Rubio Iglesias, Kim De Rijck

Building on a EU-wide inventory of practices and an extensive stakeholder consultation, the European Commission has recently published the document “Best Practices in Citizen Science for Environmental Monitoring”, which summarizes the opportunities for and benefits of using citizen science for environmental monitoring, highlights good practices and identifies the obstacles preventing its broader uptake. It also puts forward possible actions for the various actors in the field such as supporting existing and new initiatives in environment policy areas under the Green Deal, promotion of availability of citizen science data on open platforms and communication of data quality requirements and methodologies.  

18:35-18:40  |  P19.2 Drivers and barriers for participating in Citizen Science: Multi-actor case study

Author/s: Abeer Almomani, Uta Wehn and Ken Irvine

Presenter: Abeer Almomani

Successful implementation of Citizen Science (CS) for environmental monitoring and policy/decision making hinges on active participation of multiple actors i.e. citizens, policy/decision making authorities, as well as scientists and technology experts. Effectively engaging this trio of heterogeneous actors requires thorough understanding of their individual drivers for taking part in CS and the barriers holding them back.

This poster presents the findings of a case study exploring the drivers and barriers for participating in CS from the unique perspectives of different actors involved in air quality and noise monitoring project in Mechelen, Belgium (https://mechelen.meetmee.be)

18:40-18:45  |  P19.3 How to define governance in a citizen science network: a proposal for guiding the process

Author/s: Karen Soacha, Mariana Varese, Claudia Villa and Jaume Piera

Presenter: Karen Soacha

The roadmap is a proposal for guiding the process of arriving at governance agreements in knowledge networks—both existing, as well as emerging—in the field of citizen science. It is composed of a roadmap and a decision tree of alternatives to be explored according to the purpose and needs of each network. It addresses aspects such as the definition of organizational approach, operational structure, communication channels, decision-making model and financial sustainability. It was built from the analysis of existing governance models and literature review and has guided the implementation of governance models of two regional networks in Iberoamerica.