P16: Project profiles II

E-poster session | Chairperson: Margaret Gold | Wednesday, 09 September 2020 | 17:45-18:00

17:45-17:50  |  P16.1 A brief history of failure: learning from mistakes in citizen science

Author/s: Simone Rüfenacht, Tim Woods and Dorte Riemenschneider

Presenter: Simone Rüfenacht

Have you ever been part of a citizen science project that (partly) failed? What a great opportunity to share and learn with others!

At ECSA, we want to embrace failure, make it part of how we and our members improve. Stories about failures can help others avoid making the same mistakes. We want to become a flexible, supportive and sympathetic association in which people and projects can make mistakes and proudly learn from and share them.

Learn about our ‘learning by messing it up’ culture and let us know if and how this would be most useful to you!

17:50-17:55  |  P16.2 Integrating open and citizen science into active learning approaches in higher education

Author/s: Antoine Blanchard, Vasso Kalaitzi, Kai Pata, Evangelia Triantafyllou, Essi Vuopal, Katerina Zourou and Elisha Teo

Presenter: Elisha Teo

Open Science and Citizen Science are key catalysts in shaping research and society in the European Union and the world. The INOS Project aims to modernize Higher Education curricula through civic engagement in Open and Citizen Science. This project tackles relevant issues and connects three features that have yet to be associated: a) Open and Citizen Science together, b) active learning approaches and c) mainstreaming in Higher Education interdisciplinary practice and curricula. This poster presents nine ways to integrate Open and Citizen Science into active learning approaches in Higher Education. More information and resources are available on our website (inos-project.eu).