19. Fragile contexts and indigenous communities

Parallel session | Chairperson: Artemis Skarlatidou | Wednesday, 09 September 2020 | 12:00-13:00

12:00-13:00  |  19.1 Fragile contexts and indigenous communities

Author/s: Marcos Moreu, Artemis Skarlatidou, Muki Haklay, Megan Laws, Simon Hoyte and Fabien Moustard; Ramin Soleymani-Fard, Petra Benyei, Laura Aceituno-Mata, Alexandra Castañeda and Victoria Reyes-García; Rick Hall, Petra Benyei and Marta Oliveira; Ida Theilade, Nerea Turreira Garcia, Dimitris Argyriou and Soren Brofeldt;

Presenters: Artemis Skarlatidou, Petra Benyei, Nerea Turreira García, Dimitris Argyriou, Rick Hall

Despite the benefits of bridging different knowledge systems to advance science and policy/management, citizen science still mostly engages people from Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic contexts and is designed to fit western scientific epistemologies and worldviews. In this session we will present four projects that, under the transdisciplinarity and extreme citizen science approach, are working with communities from non-western contexts to advance climate and conservation science and to propose better solutions towards the sustainable management of resources. After the presentations we will discuss common lessons learned regarding challenges, opportunities and good practices when working in these fragile contexts.