17. Engagement in citizen science

Workshop session | Chairperson: Simone Rüfenacht | Wednesday, 09 September 2020 | 10:00-11:30

10:00-11:30  |  17.1 You've got the buzzwords, have you got the people? A highly inclusive engagement model to tackle socio-environmental issues using citizen science

Author/s: Maria Alonso Roldán, Lucía Paz Errandonea, Simone Rüfenacht, Nora Salas Seoane, Rosa Arias, Louise Francis, and Hannah Stockwell.

Presenters: Nora Salas Seoane, Maria Alonso Roldán, Simone Rüfenacht, Lucía Paz Errandonea

The D-NOSES quadruple helix methodology aims at engaging people from different realities, maximising inclusiveness. We aim to empower citizens to become drivers of change in their own communities for which we have applied this methodology in 10 different pilots to promote social innovations at the local level.

At this workshop, we will introduce the practicalities of implementing such methodology. We will share how we adjusted it to different cultures and social structures as well as some of our most important and most entertaining engagement stories.

You can find the slides https://mappingforchange.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/17-1.ECSA-Workshop-D-NOSES.pdf

D-NOSES video https://youtu.be/RbS7Ga7pBEU