P12: Ecology II

E-poster session | Chairperson: Mariana Varese | Tuesday, 08 September 2020 | 18:30-18:45

18:30-18:35  |  P12.1 Consolidating butterfly monitoring with citizen science in Europe: lessons learnt from the Assessing ButterfLies in Europe (ABLE) project

Author/s: Cristina G. Sevilleja, Nigel Bourn, Sue Collins, Josef Settele, Chris van Swaay, Martin Warren, Irma Wynhoff and David B. Roy

Presenter: Cristina G. Sevilleja

In this talk, we will provide an overview of the achievements of the project Assessing ButterfLies in Europe to date, which has the aim to develop a representative butterfly monitoring network across the whole of Europe based on citizen science. We will share lessons learned in two years of the project in working closely with volunteers, partner organisations and member states to engender their support for butterfly monitoring. This support, together with infrastructure and support provided through this project, gives a strong signal of the ambitions of the EU to develop sustainable butterfly monitoring to deliver key biodiversity indicators.

18:35-18:40  |  P12.2 Coffee, cameras and climate change: seeing through the farmers' eyes

Author/s: Onno Giller and Noelle Aarts

Presenter: Onno Giller

Climate change is a reality that people experience. This project aims at giving agency to farmers by giving them an active role in capturing how climate change is impacting their communities through the use of disposable cameras, a methodology commonly referred to as Photo Voice. Coffee farmers took an active role in the project and felt empowered as they were not obliged to follow questions raised by the researcher, yet instead capture impacts important to them. Discussing the photos helped the researcher and other actors involved to understand how people experience climate change in their daily lives.

18:40-18:45  |  P12.3 Perspectives on a researcher-practitioner partnership: our role as practitioner researchers studying youth learning through participation in NHM-led citizen science

Author/s: Lucy Robinson, Sasha Pratt-Taweh, Jessie N. Jennewein, Annie E. Miller, Heidi L. Ballard, Maryam Ghadiri Khanaposhtani, Julia Lorke, Jessica Wardlaw, Lila M. Higgins, Alison N. Young, Rebecca F. Johnson, Christothea Herodotou, Maria Aristeidou and Grant Miller

Presenter: Lucy Robinson

 The LEARN CitSci project brings together practitioners and educational researchers from the UK and US to answer key questions about youth participation and learning in citizen science. 

Within this research team, we created the role of Project Coordination Officer (PCO) -  a “practitioner researcher” based at a museum and trained in research methods. They collect educational research data and facilitate collaboration between museums and university researchers. In this poster we share the unique perspective of PCOs including:

- Working with our theoretical framework as novice researchers

- Developing a shared understanding of constructs like learning and agency

- Adapting projects based on research findings