2. Citizen science and nature

Workshop session | Chairperson: Rachel Kelly and Aletta Bonn | Monday, 07 September 2020 | 10:00-11:30

10:00-11:30  |  2.1 Citizen science: linking and empowering people to protect nature

Author/s: Rachel Kelly, Aletta Bonn and Assaf Schwartz

Presenters: Rachel Kelly, Aletta Bonn, Sven Schade, Assaf Shwartz, Michael Pocock

The panel will be anchored by five short presentations, followed by a Q&A session and an open discussion with workshop participants on the (potential) role of citizen science in connecting people to nature, and empowering people to understand and protect nature.


We invite input and participation from researchers and practitioners in the ECSA community, by extending questions and polls to the audience that are intended to develop conversation. We intend to collate the results of this dialogue with a review of the literature, to develop a perspective article on linking and empowering people to protect nature via citizen science.