P8: Environment II

E-poster session | Chairperson: Mariana Varese | Tuesday, 08 September 2020 | 18:00-18:15

18:00-18:05  |  P8.1 Opportunities and challenges of engaging citizen scientists in environmental decision-making: mapping Estonian environmental practitioner’s perceptions

Author/s: Monika Suškevičs, Terje Raadom, Brenda Härm, Silja Kana, Reigo Roasto, Veljo Runnel and Mart Külvik

Presenter: Monika Suškevičs

Implementing CS projects in Eastern Europe is often challenging due to their socio-political transition histories. We explore links between CS and environmental decision-making in Estonia.

We conducted interviews and a short e-mail survey with activists of three CS biodiversity monitoring projects and environmental practitioners. We queried CS and official databases on vascular plants.

Practitioners are interested in CS data, but current use is difficult because of the perceived problematic data quality and user-friendliness of databases. The amount of CS data has grown over 2014-2018, but only 11,4% of data has been added to the official Environmental Register in some form.

18:05-18:10  |  P8.2 Lessons learnt from developing a web-library with tools for cross-fertilizing knowledge in the Arctic

Author/s: Finn Danielsen and Michael Køie Poulsen

Presenter: Michael Køie Poulsen

Arctic people observe the Arctic environment year-round. In community-based monitoring (CBM) are people directly involved in data collection and sometimes data interpretation. CBM is using methods that are simple, low-cost and require few resources.


The EU Horizon 2020 project INTAROS has a work package on CBM programs. With Arcticcbm.org as a starting point we gathered information on 170 Arctic CBM programs, looked closer at 30 programs and selected 7 for a web-based library. The library presents manuals used by the programs and an overview over the lessons learned. The materials have been prepared by the organizers of each CBM program.