P7: Digital and technology II

E-poster session | Chairperson: Joaquin Cochero | Tuesday, 08 September 2020 | 18:00-18:15

18:05-18:10  |  P7.1 Creating a citizens’ information pack on ethical and legal issues around ICTs: what should be included?

Author/s: Tim Woods, Dorte Reimenschneider and Barbara Carneiro

Presenter: Barbara Carneiro

Changes to the EU’s regulations regarding ICT-based research and innovation are creating a new scenario, one to which stakeholders – scientists, policymakers, citizens and citizen scientists – must adapt. Panelfit, an EC research project, is facilitating this process. As part of its communication and outreach activities, Panelfit will create a citizens’ information pack explaining the ethical and legal issues related to data protection and security. As citizen science projects often collect, store and process data, this will be especially relevant. This e-poster presents the proposed contents for the citizens’ information pack, based on findings from a workshop held in March 2020.

18:10-18:15  |  P7.2 OpenStreetMap: an opportunity for citizen science

Author/s: Alessandro Sarretta, Marco Minghini, Maurizio Napolitano, Alexander Kotsev and Peter Mooney

Presenter: Alessandro Sarretta

OpenStreetMap (OSM, https://www.openstreetmap.org) is the largest, richest, most up-to-date and complete open geospatial database and the most participated crowdsourced geographic information project in the world. Currently, the relation between OSM and science is mostly focused on studying aspects of OSM more than directly shaping Citizen Science (CS) projects around OSM. Links between OSM and CS might be relevant in different directions: how OSM data may assist in the development of CS initiatives and complement data collected by citizens; how CS data may be included in the OSM database; how OSM best practices may assist in organizing and running CS initiatives.