P4: Biodiversity II

E-poster session | Chairperson: Andrea Troncoso | Tuesday, 08 September 2020 | 17:15-17:30

17:15-17:20  |  P4.1 Biodiversity citizen science projects: outcomes for the participating citizens

Author/s: Maria Peter, Tim Diekötter, Tim Höffler and Kerstin Kremer

Presenter: Maria Peter

In a study across more than 60 citizen science projects we aimed to answer two research questions:1. What are the outcomes of biodiversity citizen science projects on the side of the individual participating citizens?2. How are these outcomes linked to the educational and professional background of the participants?We conducted an online survey of more than 1000 citizen science participants in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Participants reported changes in knowledge, skills, interest, motivation, self-efficacy, and behavior. We found links between some of these outcomes and participants' level of education and their professional background in environmental research/conservation.

17:20-17:25  |  P4.2 Urban Nature: citizen science for “casual gamers”

Author/s: Stefano Martellos and Marco Galaverni

Presenter: Stefano Martellos

17:25-17:30  |  P4.3 avvistAPP: a new tool to collect sightings of marine organisms by citizen science

Author/s: Valentina Tirelli and Alenka Goruppi

Presenter: Valentina Tirelli

avvistAPP is a freely downloadable app developed to collect sightings of several marine organisms by citizen scientists, simply by sending a picture of the animal. The app was initially developed to monitor the invasion of the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi in the northern Adriatic Sea, but it can be used to collect sightings of other jellyfish species, dolphins and sea turtles, whose monitoring is often challenging for researchers. Since July 2019, avvistAPP has been downloaded  by more than 2700 citizens and it allowed us to collect more than 900 sightings.