1. Citizen science and the SDGs I

Workshop session | Chairperson: Fanny Gutsche-Jones | Monday, 07 September 2020 | 10:00-11:30

10:00-11:30  |  1.1 Go local or go home? Tackling the SDGs at the local level

Author/s: Rosy Mondardini, Fanny Gutsche-Jones, Florian Heigl and Daniel Dörler // Madeleine Cléa Montanari, Mordechai Haklay, Rosy Mondardini, Liesbet Jacobs and Felix Kwabena Donkor.

Presenters: Rosy Mondardini, Madeleine Cléa Montanari, Liesbet Jacobs

This session will look at the invovlement of Citizen science within the SDGs and highlight how Citizen science could best take part in the SDGs. First by highlighting its local nature, and understanding how this local nature can play a bigger role in the SDGs and how it can be translated and uptaken by the SDGs. The second will look at the notion of inclusivity, embedded within the SDGs, and provides a framework to scrutinize Citizen science as a practice to understand, who is left behind in the possiblity of participating?


Power point presentation for 1.3 "What about 2030 Agenda overaching principle, to "Leave no one behind" in Citizen science?" can be found here.