13. Citizen science case study: cross-cultural settings

Parallel session | Chairperson: Baiba Prūse | Tuesday, 08 September 2020 | 14:30-15:30

14:30-15:00  |  13.1 X-Polli:Nation: expanding encounters on pollination citizen science projects across projects and countries - would you like to join us?

Author/s: Poppy Lakeman Fraser, Advaith Siddharthan, Andrea Sforzi, René van der Wal, Mary Jackson, Annie Robinson, Julie Newman, Paola Talluri, Marco Anselmi, Laurence Evans, Claire Abercrombie, David Slawson, Roger Fradera and Rich Gill

Presenters: Poppy Lakeman Fraser, Andrea Sforzi

After their talks, the session moved on Zoom (no recordings).

X-Polli:Nation: Working together to cross-pollinate ideas for monitoring and conserving pollinators, improving citizen science practice and facilitating learning and wonder in young people.

Join us for an interactive session where we demonstrate how these Artificial Intelligence tools can be useful to you, before we explore the opportunity for building an improved AI and pollination CS network across Europe. From the project’s inception, with National Geographic funding, our driving force has been to come together to build technology-enhanced citizen science networks for pollinators and we would love you to connect with us for the next step in this journey.




15:00-15:30  |  13.2 The X-Polli:nation project: technology-mediated actionable citizen science in schools

Author/s: Advaith Siddharthan, Poppy Lakeman Fraser, Julie Newman, Andrea Sforzi, Mary Jackson, Annie Robinson, Claire Abercrombie, Laurence Evans, Roger Fradera, Richard Gill, Rene van der Wal, David Slawson, Helen Anderson, Stefan Rueger, Janice Ansine, Michael Dodd, Nirwan Sharma and Ruth Staples-Rolfe

Presenter: Advaith Siddharthan