10. Citizen science and health II

Workshop session | Chairperson: Gaston Remmers | Tuesday, 08 September 2020 | 10:00-11:30

10:00-11:30  |  10.1 Enhancing health through citizen science

Author/s: Gaston Remmers, Lea den Broeder, Sabine Wildevuur and Martijn de Groot

Presenters: Gaston Remmers, Sabine Wildevuur, Lea den Broeder, Bastian Greshake Tzovaras, Martijn de Groot

Click here for a brief recap of the session, with lots of links

Still want to contribute to creeating a green paper on Citizen Science for Health? Please add your projects in this live document.

Want to stay updated on the follow-up of the session and the ECSA special interest group on Health? Send an email to Gaston Remmers g.remmers@mdog.nl or Sabine Wildevuur sabine.wildevuur@utwente.nl.

The goal of this interactive session is to bring the diversity of Citizen Science approaches and projects in the Health domain together, with the ambition to:

a) Jointly explore and discuss what the dimensions and challenges are of citizen science for health, and how citizen science for health is distinct from other areas than health;

b) Work towards a theoretical framework, based on the active input by the participants (using online polls).

 Target audience are all presenters and ECSA 2020 attendees interested in enhancing Health through Citizen Science.

The output of the workshop will be summarized in ePoster session P15.3 (Wednesday Sep 9th, 17:45 h). See for a background document the programme details of session P15.3

The output of the workshop will serve as a base for a green paper on Enhancing Health through Citizen Science, that will be shared within ECSA, and of which you can be co-author. We also aim to provide a starting point for a network on Citizen Science and Health across Europe (and possibly beyond).

We will structure and conduct the conversation through a number of questions, that we will send out through mentimeter. If there is any issue that you would like to raise, please provide us with a good question on it, including a number of possible answers (to facilitate multiple choice). Please send your questions to g.remmers@mdog.nl