Conference Programme

Conference Programme

As the ECSA 2020 conference - Encounters in citizen science will now be held exclusively online, we have taken the opportunity to extend the sessions across four days instead of two. This means that there will be fewer parallel sessions, allowing participants to attend more seminars. 

Extending the conference across four full days provides space for plenty of networking opportunities. Some of these may be led by participants using a bottom-up approach, similar to unconferences. We are also planning a networking event during lunch on the first full conference day (Monday) and a Citizen Science Farewell Disco Party on the final day (Thursday). 


Provisional Programme

All times are in CEST (GMT+2).


Public event in different cities or online: Call to Action

18.30: Virtual visit to Trieste

20.40: Welcome and opening

21.00: Keynote Speech: Citizen science in the times of Covid-19  (streamed freely for all) with Lucile Ottolini, Thomas LandrainMarc Santolini



1st Conference Day

10:00: Workshop parallel sessions
           1. Citizen science and the SDGs I
           2. Citizen science and nature

11.30: Coffee break

12:00: Parallel sessions
           3. Citizen science and the SDGs II
           4. Citizen science and health I

13.00: Networking lunch

14:30: Parallel sessions
           5. Networks and communities of practice
           6. Air quality and citizen science 

15:30: Parallel sessions
           7. Citizen science and humanities
           8. Citizen science case studies: insect monitoring

16:30: Coffee break

17:00 Keynote speaker: Jennifer J. Preece


2nd Conference Day

10:00: Workshop parallel sessions
           9. Participation in citizen science
          10. Citizen science and health II

11.30: Coffee break

12:00: Parallel sessions
          11. Data issues
          12. The EU-Citizen.Science platform

13.00: Lunch break

14:30: Parallel sessions
           13. Citizen science case study: cross-cultural settings
           14. Citizen social science

15:30: Parallel sessions
           15. Citizen science and environmental policy
           16. Citizen science and mobile apps

16:30: Coffee break

17:00: E-poster parallel sessions
           P1: Citizen science centres I
           P2: Biodiversity I

17:15: E-poster parallel sessions
           P3: Citizen science centres II
           P4: Biodiversity II

17:30: E-poster parallel sessions
           P5: Digital and technology I
           P6: Environment I

17:45: Comfort break

18:00: E-poster parallel sessions
           P7: Digital and technology II
           P8: Environment II

18:15: E-poster parallel sessions
           P9: Digital and technology III
           P10: Ecology I

18:30: E-poster parallel sessions
           P11: Digital and technology IV
           P12: Ecology II


3rd Conference Day

10:00: Workshop parallel sessions
           17. Engagement in citizen science
           18. Evaluation in citizen science

11.30: Coffee break

12:00: Parallel sessions
           19. Fragile contexts and indigenous communities
           20. Inclusiveness and equity in citizen science

13.00: Lunch break
           Sponsored Lunch with EU-Citizen.Science starting from 13.30 

14:30: Keynote speech: Encounters in Citizen Science with Núria Castell, Jacob Sherson, Pietro Michelucci and (to be confirmed) Katja Mayer

15.30: Coffee break

16:00: Parallel sessions
           21. The science of citizen science I
           22. Young people and citizen science in education

17:00: Coffee break

17:30: E-poster parallel sessions
           P13: Health I
           P14: Project profiles I

17:45: E-poster parallel sessions
           P15: Health II
           P16: Project profiles II

18:00: E-poster parallel sessions
           P17: Health III 
           P18: Lessons from projects

18:15: Comfort break

18:30: E-poster parallel sessions
           P19: Policy I
           P20: Insights and reflections

18:45: E-poster parallel sessions
           P21: Policy II
           P22: Motivations

19:00: E-poster parallel sessions
           P23: Education
           P24: Methodology


4th Conference Day

10:00: Workshop parallel sessions
           23. Technology design
           24. Citizen science in conflict zones

11.30: Coffee break

12:00: Parallel sessions
           25. Citizen science, AI and algorithms
           26. Citizen science and regions

13.00: Lunch break

14:30: Workshop parallel sessions
           27. Citizen science and policy
           28. Citizen science and higher education

16.00: Coffee break

16:30: Parallel sessions
           29. Science of citizen science II
           30. Citizen science toolkits

17:30: Official Closure

21:00: Citizen science disco party


FRIDAY 11th SEPTEMBER (Side events)

Conference Side Events

15:00: Toward reinventing Institutional Review Boards (IRB) for Citizen Science

            LandSense Online Innovation Challenge

            Global perspectives on Citizen Science and Open Science