ECSA2020 Conference Programme

ECSA2020 Conference Programme

Provisional Programme


11.00 - onwards WWF Miramare Marine Nature Reserve: free guided tours of the Miramare marine protected area (limited places available on a first come, first served basis).

13.00 - 17.00 Public event: Encounters between citizen scientists, citizens and tourists in several squares of Trieste city center. 

14.00 - 17.00 Registration Desk at Trieste City of Knowledge space in the train station.

17.30 Award ceremony for the competitions organized as part of the public event.


1st Conference Day - Venue: Trieste Maritime Station

9.30: Welcome and Opening

10.00: Keynote speakers: Jennifer J. Preece (to be confirmed) and Katja Mayer.

11.00: Coffee Break

11.30: Workshop parallel sessions
          W1: Citizen science and the SDGs I
          W2: Citizen science and nature
          W3: Participation in citizen science
          W4: Citizen science and environmental policy
 Inclusiveness and equity in citizen science

13.00: Lunch & lunchtime e-posters

14.30: e-Poster session

15:30: Parallel sessions
          PS1: Citizen science and the SDGs II
          PS2: Citizen science and health
          PS3: Networks and Communities of Practice
          PS4: Citizen science and air quality
          PS5: Citizen science and humanities

16.30: Coffee Break

17:00: Parallel sessions
          PS6: Citizen science case studies: insect monitoring
          PS7: Data issues
          PS8: The EU-Citizen.Science platform
          PS9: Citizen science case study: cross-cultural settings
          PS10: Citizen social science

20.30: Conference Social Dinner at Magazzino 42, inside Trieste Maritime Station.


2nd Conference Day - Venue: Trieste Maritime Station

9.30: Keynote speakers: Jacob Sherson, Núria Castell and Pietro Michelucci.

10.30: Coffee Break

11.00: Workshop parallel sessions
          W6: Citizen science and policy
          W7: Technology design
          W8: Citizen science in conflict zones
          W9: Evaluation in citizen science
 Citizen science and higher education

12.30: Lunch & lunchtime e-posters

14.00: Parallel sessions
          PS11: Policy and funding
          PS12: Citizen science and mobile apps
          PS13: Fragile contexts and indigenous communities
          PS14: The science of citizen science I 
          PS15: Young people and citizen science in education

15.00: Parallel sessions
          PS16: Engagement in citizen science 
          PS17: Citizen science, AI and algorithms
          PS18: Citizen science and regions
          PS19: Science of citizen science II
          PS20: Citizen science toolkits

16.00: Farewell and closing remarks

16.30: Coffee break

17.00: ECSA General Assembly

Side events on WEDNESDAY 9th SEPTEMBER

09.00 - 13.00: Meetings of the ECSA working groups

10.00 - 12.00: Guided tours of Trieste (if a minimum number of participants will be reached)

14.00 - 19.00: Meeting of the Italian Citizen Scientists - Sala Bazlen, Palazzo Gopcevich