ECSA2020 Conference Programme

ECSA2020 Conference Programme

Provisional Programme

SUNDAY 24th of MAY

11.00 - onwards WWF Miramare Marine Nature Reserve: free guided tours of the Miramare marine protected area (limited places available on a first come, first served basis).

13.00 - 17.00 Public event: Encounters between citizen scientists, citizens and tourists in several squares of Trieste city center. 

14.00 - 17.00 Registration Desk at Trieste City of Knowledge space in the train station.

17.30 Award ceremony for the competitions organized as part of the public event.

MONDAY 25th of MAY

1st Conference Day - Venue: Trieste Maritime Station

9.30: Welcome and Opening

10.00: Keynote speakers:  Jennifer J. Preece and Katja Mayer

11.00: Coffee Break

11.30: Workshop parallel sessions
          W1: Citizen science and the SDGs I
          W2: Citizen science and nature
          W3: Participation in citizen science
          W4: Citizen science and environmental policy
 Inclusiveness and equity in citizen science

13.00: Lunch & lunchtime e-posters

14.30: e-Poster session

15:30: Parallel sessions
          PS1: Citizen science and the SDGs II
          PS2: Citizen science and health
          PS3: Networks and Communities of Practice
          PS4: Citizen science and air quality
          PS5: Citizen science and humanities

16.30: Coffee Break

17:00: Parallel sessions
          PS6: Citizen science case studies: insect monitoring
          PS7: Data issues
          PS8: The EU-Citizen.Science platform
          PS9: Citizen science case study: cross-cultural settings
          PS10: Citizen social science

20.30: Conference Social Dinner at Magazzino 42, inside Trieste Maritime Station.


2nd Conference Day - Venue: Trieste Maritime Station

9.30: Keynote speakers: Jacob Sherson and Pietro Michelucci 

10.30: Coffee Break

11.00: Workshop parallel sessions
          W6: Citizen science and policy
          W7: Technology design
          W8: Citizen science in conflict zones
          W9: Evaluation in citizen science
 Citizen science and higher education

12.30: Lunch & lunchtime e-posters

14.00: Parallel sessions
          PS11: Policy and funding
          PS12: Citizen science and mobile apps
          PS13: Fragile contexts and indigenous communities
          PS14: The science of citizen science I 
          PS15: Young people and citizen science in education

15.00: Parallel sessions
          PS16: Engagement in citizen science 
          PS17: Citizen science, AI and algorithms
          PS18: Citizen science and regions
          PS19: Science of citizen science II
          PS20: Citizen science toolkits

16.00: Farewell and closing remarks

16.30: Coffee break

17.00: ECSA General Assembly

Side events on WEDNESDAY 27th MAY

9.00 - 13.00: Meetings of the ECSA working groups

10.00-12.00: Guided tours of Trieste (if a minimum number of participants will be reached)

14.00 - 19.00: Meeting of the Italian Citizen Scientists - Sala Bazlen, Palazzo Gopcevich