Thomas Landrain

Just One Giant Lab (JOGL)



Co-Founder & CEO at Just One Giant Lab, he is one of the pioneers behind the DIYbio (Do-it-yourself Biology) and Open Science movements and communities. He founded in 2011 La Paillasse in Paris, the first French open lab who became one of the largest labs in the world.

He decided to leave academia to focus entirely on building and experimenting with alternatives to a rusty academic system for the production of open knowledge and innovations, through La Paillasse first and now with JOGL.

He is also a member of the French National Digital Council where he pilots the working group on ecological transition.

Contribution(s) as a presenter

Sunday, 06 September 2020 - 21:00-22:00: Citizen science in the times of Covid-19 - Lucile Ottolini, Jérôme Tricomi, Thomas Landrain, Marc Santolini