Sponsored Lunch with EU-Citizen.Science

Sponsored Lunch with EU-Citizen.Science

The EU-Citizen.Science platform second release: a strategic vision for citizen science in Europe

Date and Time:
Wednesday, September 9th, 2020
1.30 - 2.30 pm CEST

Location: Event Room on Zoom 

Description: in this session, the new release of the EU-Citizen.Science platform has been announced and presented. The EU-Citizen.Science platform is an online platform for sharing knowledge, tools, training and resources for citizen science – by the community, for the community. The new features presented include the API to share project and resource information across platforms, the Community Forums, the possibility to create institutional profiles, and a fully refreshed design. Throughout the sessions, participants were invited to share feedback and suggestions on future developments of the EU-Citizen.Science platform. This session explored future trends in citizen science at the European level. 

Specifically, in this session:

Silke Voigt-Heucke (Museum fur Naturkunde Berlin, Germany) announced the new platform release, showing a teaser presenting the new functionalities of the platform and discuss the importance of the new features to reinforce the links with different stakeholders.

Linden Farrer (European Commission) talked about the European Commission's strategy in the Science with and for Society part of Horizon 2020 to explore and support citizen science. He also explained how the next Framework Programme, Horizon Europe, should offer exciting opportunities to scale up citizen science practice.

Margaret Gold (ECSA) presented the key new functionalities of the EU-Citizen.Science platform: the Community Forum that provides a virtual space for the whole community to connect and discuss, the ability to create an Institutional profile and connect it with your CS projects, and improved search functionality on the home page. 

Colombe Warin (European Commission) presented some key examples of citizen science projects, funded under Horizon 2020, and the importance of sharing information, toolkits and best practices among them. She stated how the platform can foster those synergies among projects.   

Francisco Sanz Garcia (Ibercivis Foundation, Spain) described the API and offer technical guidance for its use focusing in particular on aspects of interoperability with existing citizen science repositories.

Marzia Mazzonetto (ECSA) was the moderator.

Information about the panellists:

Silke Voigt-Heucke is the EU-Citizen.Science Project Coordinator at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin 

Linden Farrer is Policy Officer at the European Commission’s DG Research & Innovation, Open Science 

Margaret Gold is the EU-Citizen.Science Community Manager at ECSA, the European Citizen Science Association

Colombe Warin is Project Adviser and EU-Citizen.Science Project Officer at the European Commission’s Research Exectutive Agency (REA)

Francisco Sanz Garcia is the EU-Citizen.Science platform developer at the Ibercivis Foundation in Spain

Marzia Mazzonetto is the EU-Citizen.Science Project Manager at ECSA, the European Citizen Science Association