ECSA 2020 Public Event - Call to Action

ECSA 2020 Public Event - Call to Action

Dear ECSA friends,

this is a call to action to make the ECSA 2020 conference a moment of encounters with citizens all around the world.

With the onsite conference due to be held in Trieste, we were already organizing a set of activities for citizens and tourists around the city on Sunday September 6th, to boost connections between the ECSA community and the locals. Now that the conference has moved online this local event will still take place, and people in Trieste will benefit from a set of activities to connect with citizen science and its actors. 

However, we think that the online conference provides now the much bigger opportunity of transforming this local opening event into a big network of activities spread around the world, sharing all the same spirit.

We thus invite you all to propose and prepare one/some activities to be held on September 6th in your city or online, which can be advertised on the conference website under the Public Event page. Please let us know (at if you want to join and how we can advertise your activity on the public event page on the conference website.

Kind regards, 


Enrico M. Balli