Preparing your presentation

Preparing your presentation

If you have been accepted to present during a conference session, you can start working on it now!

  • The sessions will be streamed to registered participants through the platform Vimeo by a control room which will adjust the presence on screen of the different panelists and their materials. The video will be recorded and will remain available to registered participants until September 13th via the conference website. 
  • Presentation time will be communicated to each speaker by the conference organizers and/or the chairperson of the session and will be soon available in the online programme.
  • The slideshare will be done through the presenter’s screen sharing, so any slide format is acceptable as long as it works on the speaker’s computer, but a backup version in PDF will be needed. 
  • There will be a chat - Q&A space during the presentation. The chairperson will take care of gathering and asking questions from this channel.
  • Instant polls are possible, allowing for up to 4 multiple choice options. 
  • Speakers can use Mentimeter to involve participants in multiple ways. Presenters can indeed launch the interaction through the slides and share results on her/his screen. Be aware that there are 20-25 seconds of delay  between the live speech and the broadcast so ensure enough time between the polls’ launch and the plotting of results.
  • The vimeo platform does not allow for the creation of breakout rooms. We encourage presenters to stick with the use of the few recommended tools (Vimeo Polls, Vimeo Q&A, Mentimeter) to avoid frustration on participants’ side from being exposed to many different softwares along the sessions. However, should presenters have specific interactivity needs for their session, they may contact the organizers at and they will do their best to provide further support.
  • On September 1st and September 2nd speakers are strongly encouraged to try the streaming platform, assisted by the technical staff, in order to arrive prepared to the streaming session. They will receive further information by email on how to reserve the best time slot for them.
  • At the end of the conference, speakers will be contacted to download their presentation, which they are allowed to freely use for their personal and professional needs.
  • Presenters are strongly encouraged to clearly indicate whether or not photography/recording of their slides and sharing/remixing of the material is permitted. One possibility is to incorporate into their slides one of the following images: YES or NO.

Upload all materials before August 31st 

All materials for the presentation need to be shared with the organizers before August 31st, mostly by an automatic upload form on the website. Speakers will be notified once the form is available. This information includes:

  • a PDF version (max 40 Mb) of the slides as backup, should the connection during the live presentation be troubled
  • a brief summary of maximum 100 words to be shared on the programme webpage. 
  • Videos (if any) to be shared during the presentation, must be sent via WeTransfer or drive/dropbox link to or the youtube link can be shared either via the same email address.
  • Text and details of Instant Polls (if any) to be cast during the presentation.
  • Any further particular need shall be communicated asap.