Practical Information

Practical Information

Here is a selection of useful information to make your trip to and stay in Trieste as easy and enjoyable as possible.

How to get there

There are many “roads” to Trieste and some of them pass through the following options:


The Trieste-Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport (TRS) is located 33 km north of the city centre. There are frequent, direct train services between the Trieste Airport and Trieste Centrale stations with journey times varying between 29 and 33 minutes. A bus service (number 51) runs to the airport from Trieste's bus station (next to the railway station).

Venice International Airport
120 km from Trieste
bus routes and shuttle buses connect the airport to Venice-Mestre train station

Treviso International Airport
145 km from Trieste
bus routes and shuttle buses connect the airport to the railway station of Venice-Mestre and Treviso. 

Ljubljana Airport (Slovenia)
114 km from Trieste


Slovenian railways


Daily services from Graz, Vienna, Monaco, Frankfurt, Venice, Milan, Rome, Bologna and many other Italian and European cities.

Staying overnight

We have reserved for you various hotel categories, on a first come first served basis. Please mention ECSA2020 to get special prices.

What to do in Trieste?

There are many reasons to visit Trieste! This is an extraordinary destination for its historic treasures, artworks and its middle-European flair and it had inspired important writers such as Rilke, Joyce, and Svevo. Known as the “City of Science”, Trieste is also home to a high concentration of national and international scientific institutions. Part of the easternmost region of Italy called Friuli Venezia-Giulia, Trieste sits on the coast between the Adriatic Sea and Slovenia and has a distinct style, culture and history that is quite different from the rest of Italy. Due to its proximity to other nations and regions, Trieste has been influenced over the years by various cultures and civilizations.

The old city center has a rich historic and artistic repertoire like the Arco Riccardo (arch), the Roman Theatre, the Cathedral of San Giusto (14th Century) with mosaic decorations and San Giusto CastlePiazza dell'Unità d’Italia is extremely charming with its Austrian imprint and it is surrounded by neoclassical buildings, with one side of the piazza facing the sea.

Outside the city center, the Karst is a unique territory which features a particular landscape made of shallow depressions called dolinas, caves, tracks dug in the rock by rain and wind and vertical cliffs over the Adriatic Sea. It's definitely a must-go venue for nature lovers. Not to be missed here: the Rilke trail, the caves Grotta gigante and Torri di Slivia the natural reserves Miramare sea reserveDuino reserveVal Rosandra reserveMounts Lanaro and Orsario reserve as well as the flavours of the Karst and its "osmize", where it is possible to taste and purchase the typical local products directly from the producers.

Find out more about Trieste, its numerous attractions and its anecdotes, stories, legends and hidden places on DiscoverTrieste.

Culinary and cultural adventures

A list with some of Trieste’s best restaurants:

Ai Fiori
Tel: +39 040 300633
Mobile: +39 347 3934467

Chimera di Bacco
Tel: +39 040 364023

Da Marino
Tel: +39 040 366596
Mobile: +39 328 0778709

Tel: +39 040 2465701

Tel: +39 040633719
Mobile: +39 389 6595444

Siora Rosa
Tel: +39 040 301460

Tel: +39 040 54368


You cannot come to visit Trieste without making a stop to some of its famous “cafés” and “buffets”

Some suggestions for vegetarians include the following:
Welcome Bistrot