ECSA 2020 conference proposals: deadline extended until 1 November

ECSA 2020 conference proposals: deadline extended until 1 November

In response to numerous requests for extra time to complete proposals, and queries about the different possible session formats, we have agreed to extend the deadline for submissions until 1 November 2019. We look forward to receiving more submissions and are on hand to resolve any queries about the possible formats or the eight conference themes.


Call for Proposals

The Programme Committee for ECSA 2020 welcomes you to submit a proposal for this event; details of the themes of the conference and of the different formats that sessions can take can be found here. You can submit a proposal for any of these session formats.  

All submissions need to be made through EasyChair, while instructions on how to use Easychair and start your submission are available here

Submission instructions

Each proposal should be maximum 500 words in length for abstracts (short proposal), and 1000 words for extended abstracts. This means that if you are aiming to submit a paper for the JCOM special issue for the conference, you can have an extended abstract of up to 1000 words in the submission, while the full paper will need to be available by May 2020. If you only plan to suggest a session, or you are not interested in a full paper in the special issue, please submit an abstract of up to 500 words.

Please make sure you indicate the type of session you choose (see section 4) in your abstract submission.

Each person can only be named as the lead (or co-lead) author for one proposal; there is no limit to the number of times a person can be named as a secondary author.


The deadline for submitting a proposal is 1 November 2019. Proposals will be reviewed by the Programme Committee, and the communication regarding acceptance or refusal will be sent to the corresponding authors during December 2019.

Extended abstracts that have been accepted can be turned to full papers by end of May 2020.


Each proposal should focus on one of the following themes.

Session formats

While you are welcome to submit a paper to the conference (at which point the programme committee will organize thematic sessions of papers), we encourage the development of sessions and proposals for them. Sessions can be proposed in a number of different formats (and we are open to other formats - do get in touch with the conference organizers if you wish to propose one).

Conference proceedings

The conference proceedings will be published as a special issue of the Journal of Science Communication (JCOM). There will be two possible formats to choose from: full paper or extended abstract. Note: only proposals that submitted an extended abstract (1000 words) can be considered for this special issue. Extended abstracts that have been accepted can be turned to full papers by the end of May 2020.

Public event and conference marketplace

In additio to the call for proposals, ECSA 2020 offers the possibility to be part of a citizen science public event, while a conference marketplace will also be at your disposal. If you have ideas about how to present your activities during the public event in Trieste, or are interested in featuring your research directly at the conference venue, please contact us at for more details.