Posters & presentations


If you have missed posters and presentations you will find them here as a pdf with the permission of the authors :

Andrea Sforzi : Can BioBlitzes be shaped according to participants´ needs ?
Anett Richter : The threefold potential of environmental citizen science
Anna Cigarini : Citizen Science Practices for Community Mental Health Care
Anne Land-Zandstra : Clean Rivers : citizen scientists in a river waste monitoring project
Anouk Taucher : Projects StadtWildTiere & Wilde Nachbarn – Monitoring urban and suburban wildlife with Citizen Science in Austria, Germany and Switzerland
AutreSens : Searching for innovative ways to consolidate existing cooperation inside and beyond school
Bálint Balázs : Empowerment, inclusiveness and equity in CS/CBR
Barbara Heinisch : Research Topics on Everyone’s Mind and Lips: Possible Research Questions of Citizens
Collaboration between citizen science projects
Barbara Strobl : How to best communicate with citizen hydrologists ?
Why do we need (hydrological) data ?
Candice Yvon and Yamama Naciri : CodeMyPlant: When high school students join scientists to barcode the flora of Geneva
Carlo Artemi : Studies on a very cold Italian disappearance case
Caterina Bergami : Cammini LTER: walking and cycling with citizens across Italian ecosystems
Cathlyn Stylinski: Embedded assessment of Skills in Citizen Science
Claire Ramjan : Getting Citizen Science into Schools: How can we encourage schools to participate ?
Cornelia Veja : Using Linked Open Data for Capacity-Building in Citizen Science
Danièle Pralong : Citizen science, motivation and empowerment: lessons learned from Project Noah, a nature observation platform
Diana Escobar : Barcelona Citizen Science Office
Eglė Marija Ramanauskaitė : World’s first Citizen Science trophy puts science on par with sports at schools
Eugenio Gervasini : CS for EU policy: the case of Invasive Alien Species
Eveline Wandl Vogt: Designing a reward system for citizen participation by means of blockchain technology
Felipe Castilla : Natusfera. A Gbif friendly citizen science platform
Fernando Portela : Citizen Scientists’ contributions to the RNA design problem
Francesco Di Grazia : One year of freshwater quality monitoring in Emilia-Romagna (Italy): ecological and sociological aspects
Friederike Klan : Unleashing the Value of Citizen Contributions
Gaia Agnello : Evaluating BioBlitzes: an overview of participants' and organisers' perspectives
Motivation and perceived benefits predict citizen scientists' level of engagement of engagement
Gina Maskell : Student Citizen Science Challenge- Reflecting on and communicating participation in citizen science projects from inside and outside the classroom
Gitte Kragh : Engaging and empowering different types of participants in Citizen Science
Hannah Biggs : More than the sum of its parts: Supporting citizens to be involved in social innovation
Ingmar Zalewski : Collaborative citizen science with marginalized groups
Isabelle Bonhoure : Social local impact of CS projects: myth or reality?
Jack Sewell : Crab Watch
A Century of Marine Citizen Science
Janice Ansine Citizen Science and learning through
Jo Bowler : Citizens shaping the future of neurotechnology
Johannes Wahl : Do we get „better“ data at national scale, if we enhance feedback locally? A trial with using interactive maps
Julian Vicens : Natural Patterns
Kate Lewthwaite : Engaging older citizen scientists in the digital era
Katrin Hille : The Psychology of a Good Citizen Science Project
Kyle Copas : Open data in practice: A quick guide to (re)licensing data from citizen science projects
Linda Carton : Supporting citizen science in the Netherlands with an Open Sensor Data Infrastructure
Luc Henry : Crowdfunding Citizen Science
Luciano Massetti : Promotion and monitoring of the night environment
Lucy Robinson : Study on an inventory of citizen science activities for environment policies
Maite Pelacho : Motivations in citizen science for "The Common"
Mar Cartró-Sabaté : AMAZO'N'OIL
Mariana Varese : Citizen Science for the Amazon Project
Marine Gabillet : Managing emotions in long term citizen science projects
Marjolein de Vries : What should we give back to our participants? A literature review on citizen scientists’ preferences for accessibility of scientific output
Michael K. Poulsen : Motivations based on livelihoods and socio-cultural values in contexts of no leisure time
Michelle Boonen : The different roles of participants for monitoring rainfall and urban flood
Miczajka Victoria : Biodiversity in a Campus-School garden - A citizen science approach with students and elementary school children
Nicolas Deguines : Fostering close encounters of the entomological kind with citizen science
Nicolas Zanetta : Alto Loa Sense - School Scientific-Environmental Research Kit
Nina James : Strangers, Stewards and Newcomers: Stories of Identity and Participation in Citizen Science
Paweł Wyszomirski : Citizen science in support of better decision making process
Philipp J. Hummer : Interactive social features in citizen science projects
Rainer Kiko : PlanktonID
Discover the beauty of plankton
Raquel Ajates Gonzalez : GROW Observatory - Use of MOOCs to scale rigorous Citizen Science and its impact 
Richard Zink : Citizen Scientists empowering Conservation: The Ural owl re-introduction project in Austria 
Rick Bonney : Supporting the completion and submission of bird checklists to develop global understanding of bird distributions and movements
Rosa Arias : Co-creating The International Odour Observatory (D-NOSES project)
Sarah Kiefer : Citizen Science for all needs: Project StadtWildTiere Berlin
Sarah Staunton-Lamb : Global perspectives through local action: citizen science, teachers & students
Sarah Weschke : Towards active participation in ageing science: involving seniors in the analysis and interpretation of their own data
Sofie De Smedt : DoeDat, The crowdsourcing platform of the Botanic Garden Meise
Stephen Coulson : The planning and conservation tool Analysis portal
Stefan Thomas : In need for a Citizen SOCIAL Science
Stijn Brouwer : Citizens in knowledge generation: the value of diversity
Sven Schade : Cyclic value chain of Citizen Science for policy
Thomas Kaarsted and Anne Kathrine Overgaard : How to Mobilize Half an Island? A New Trend in Media Collaboration 
Tiberius Ignat : Working Together - Research Libraries and Citizen Science
Tina Phillips : Motivation and barriers in environmentally based citizen science: A mixed methods comparative case study
Uta Wehn : Leveraging the social innovation potential of citizen observatories
We Observe Communities of Practice on Citizen Observatories
Wim Clymans : Empowered communities – a balance between citizen engagement, common methodology and adaptation to local needs
Yaela Golumbic and Maria Aristeidou : Designing scaffolding for inclusive citizen science practice
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