Practical information

Here is a selection of useful information to make your trip to and stay in Geneva as easy and enjoyable as possible.


How to get there

There are many "roads" to Geneva. You have direct and cheap flight connections from around the world and excellent public transport in Switzerland.
Flights: Geneva international airport offers connections from/to major European cities and the rest of the world. At the airport you can get free train ticket to downtown. 
Trains: You reach Geneva’s main railway station easily from most European cities. The Swiss Railway network reaches every corner of Switzerland. Check out the Swiss railway website.

Staying overnight

We have reserved for you various hotel categories, on a first come first served basis. Please mention ECSA2018 to get special prices.
Geneva public transport is included when booking a room.

Name Website Single* Double* 3-beds* 5-beds*
Hotel Central 2*   135.- 155.- 175.- 175.-
Ibis Genève Centre-Gare 3*  from 180.- from 200.-  N/A  N/A
Hotel Comédie 3*  from 160.- from 230.-  N/A  N/A
Ibis Genève Centre Nations 3*  from 180.- from 200.-  N/A  N/A
Novotel Genève Centre 4*  from 180.- from 200.-  N/A  N/A

 Prices are per night in Swiss Francs.

There are lots of affordable hotels and sleeping opportunities in Geneva. Underneath are a few options:

Other hotels

Please note that June is a turism season, don't wait too long before proceeding with your booking!

Drinking Water

Swiss drinking water is a quality product from natural resources. Strict regulations concerning water and the quality of it have led to such positive development that, in some places, you can drink straight out the lake without second thoughts! 

Swiss tap water also demonstrates a more balanced ecology as opposed to water purchased in bottles and mineral waters travelling from near and far. Therefore all participants will receive a reusable water bottle which can be filled up at any tap. Enjoy!

What to do in Geneva?

There are many reasons to visit the Second International ECSA Conference in Geneva! The beautiful city of Geneva is not only the capital of peace with being home of the Red Cross but also a place of international politics with the second largest United Nations Office. With CERN being one of the top places for exploring our universe and home of many international scientists, it has also some fame in research. Also when it comes to aesthetics and pleasure Geneva is top: being famous for its fine watchmaking and chocolate. Most public museums are free of charge. Ah, yes, of course, not to speak of the lake and the mountains. Find more advice on Geneva visitors website.

Culinary and cultural adventures

La Bretelle
Tradition-rich and LGBTQ-friendly jazz/rock bar

Small coffee bar frequented by alternative clientele; well-stocked bookstore during the day; LGBTQ-friendly

Bains de Paquis
Public pool from the 19th century; situated in the Lake Geneva with a very good – and affordable – outdoor restaurant

Les Scandales
Cozy modern pizzeria near the train station; LGBTQ-friendly

Small café in Geneva’s student district; very well attended by younger people; LGBTQ-friendly

Oubien Encore
Good but rather expensive vegan restaurant with lunch menus

Bateau Lavoir
Restaurant on a boat in the middle of the Rhone River

Les Lavandières
Cozy outdoor beach café on the banks of the Rhone River, in the middle of the city

Cafe Birdie
American-style food and coffee shop in the heart of the city; with great coffee and a small menu ideal for brunch

Le Remor
Traditional restaurant and café in the heart of the city

Le Lyrique
Stylish café near the theatre; rather expensive

Les Recyclables (one of our workshop venues until Tuesday!)
Alternative café and restaurant with adjacent second-hand bookstore

Café Paradiso
Small Italian-style café

Le Bologne
Very good pastry shop; rather expensive

Berger de Faletans
Small tradition-rich pastry shop near the Plainpalais

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