The European Citizen Science Association ECSA draws on a wide and diverse network of members and supporters from Europe and internationally. They represent a mixture of research institutes, museums, universities, NGO's, SMEs and other local and national Citizen Science groups that cover different fields, such as biological science, do-it-yourself approaches, environmental mapping and social sciences. The community is bound together by a strong commitment to advance participatory research, either by conducting citizen science projects or by supporting them through activities like communication or funding. If you want to become a member, please join us!

International ECSA Conference 2018

The Second International ECSA Conference 2018 focusing on the CITIZEN starts on Sunday, June 3rd with a Citizen Science Festival! Geneva locals and ECSA2018 participants are invited to explore different citizen science projects from Geneva, Switzerland and abroad.

Partners & Supporters

Many thanks for supporting the Second International ECSA Conference 2018 in Geneva! Without the help of numerous institutions, this conference would not happen.


The ECSA Steering Committee decided to hold the ECSA Conference biannually in different member countries and with different hosts. The First International ECSA Conference was held in 2016 in Berlin. In 2018, the Foundation Science et Cité is organising the Second International ECSA Conference together with the University of Geneva in Geneva, Switzerland.

The venue

The Second International ECSA Conference 2018 takes place in the heart of Geneva. Located centrally in the historic Maison Communale de Plainpalais belonging to the City of Geneva which was built in the beginning of the 20th century, you can admire its architecture and wall paintings by Edmond Ravel.


The Conference took place from June 3rd until 5th 2018.

Have a look at our conference online leporello and the booklet.

Terms and conditions

Please check our terms and conditions!

Detailed prices

ECSA members EUR 250,-
Non ECSA members EUR 350,-

Student* ECSA members EUR 200,-
Student* non ECSA members EUR 300,-

How to become an ECSA member.

The prices are the same as in Berlin 2016. Note that all speakers need to register like all other participants. The fees have to be paid before the event.

Practical information

Here is a selection of useful information to make your trip to and stay in Geneva as easy and enjoyable as possible.


Please find below a few articles on the Conference as well as the podcast of the radio program that was broadcasted live on June 3rd, 2018 during the public festival.

Le Matin, May 29th 2018: Comment les citoyens peuvent contribuer à la recherche

Le Temp, June 11th 2018: A Genève, le défi d'une science à hauteur de citoyen

La Première, CQFD, June 3rd 2018: Les sciences citoyennes en direct de Genève (source: RTS Radio Télévision Suisse / CQFD) 

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